NOVUS Energy Advisors is an independent consulting firm offering strategic services across the energy and cleantech industries to support teams in the rapidly changing landscape. Our unique combination of deep industry knowledge and extensive network across the renewable energy, oil, gas, and utility industries enables our partners to seize new opportunities for growth and profitability, capitalizing on the transition to a lower-carbon future.

Core Values

NOVUS Energy Advisors was built on a set of core values and managing principles that create a foundation of trust, integrity, and credibility with all of our partners. We are committed to practicing these principles in all of our affairs while delivering best-in-class power solutions and superior value for our partners.

Leadership Team

Emily Easley

Stuart Nuckols
VP, Operations

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Energy Advisors know renewables, We know oil and gas. We are the trusted partner you have been looking for.

Energy Advisors Novus is an independent consulting firm offering strategic services across the energy industries to support teams.

Emily Easley founded NOVUS Energy Advisors to bridge traditional and alternative energy markets. She has nearly two decades of experience in renewable energy and power. Additionally, her background in Texas oil and gas provides her with valuable expertise that she brings to the industry.


Our experienced team, having worked together for over a decade. That has united with veteran colleagues to connect the electrons and molecules of both traditional and alternative energy markets. With knowledge of the exponential growth of renewables and the fracking boom, we have a unique ability to intersect and add value.

NOVUS Energy Advisors has a deep bench of industry contacts in the energy and cleantech sectors. This extensive network provides access to valuable market intelligence, trends, regulatory and policy developments, and emerging technology advancements.