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Energy Advisors know renewables, We know oil and gas. We are the trusted partner you have been looking for.

Energy Transition Novus is an independent consulting firm offering strategic services across the energy industries to support teams.

Building on her Texas oil and gas roots and an almost two-decade-long career in the renewable energy and power business, Emily Easley founded energy transition NOVUS  to offer a bridge between the traditional and alternative energy markets.

Our team, who has worked together for over ten years, joined a group of veteran colleagues who navigated the early days of the renewable wave. Witnessing both the exponential growth of renewables in parallel with the fracking boom and we understand both ends of the energy spectrum and have a unique ability to connect the electrons and molecules at strategic points of intersect and value.

Energy Transition

Energy Advisors’ deep bench of energy & cleantech industry contacts allows access to market intelligence, trends, regulatory, policy, and new technology advancements.

NOVUS leverages its trusted relationships and unique historical perspective on the energy industry as we look to the future and growth of energy storage (ESS), responsibly-sourced gas (RSG), grid modernization, microgrid technology, demand response systems, and carbon capture storage (CCS) solutions.